Who Are JJL Computers?

JJL Computers a small business based in East Grinstead run by people who have excellent knowledge and a great passion for building computers for every budget with great customer satisfaction.

Here at JJL Computers, we believe in giving the customer a great price as some larger companies overcharge for computers where they just do not need to. We have a wide range of computers, that use top quality parts.

We ship to the whole of the UK mainly using DPD, and hope to expand further in the future.

Who Makes Up The JJL Team?

James C.

Company Director.

Finance Director.

System Builder.

Website Developer.

Jack T.


The Debugger. 🐛

System Tester.

Website Developer.

Luke D.

Graphic Designer.

Computer System Designer.

Founding Date.

JJL Computers Was Founded On 3/11/2017.

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